What I Love in an AirBNB

I am a huge fan of AirBNB. I could list all the reason about WHY I love AirBNB, but this post will focus more on WHAT I love, and what I look for in an AirBNB. It’s not just about location and cleanliness, although those things are also at the very top of my list. It’s about all the little things the host does to make you feel like you’re at your home away from home.

1) Welcome book
– I love a place that has a nice, organized welcome book. A good welcome book will include a little history about the house or the neighborhood, a list of things to do in the area, and just general information about amenities (I.E. There’s firewood on the side of the house, feel free to use it!).

2) Washer and Dryer
– A washer and dryer are not necessity for me, but they sure are nice! When we went to Joshua Tree last year, the last AirBNB we stayed in had a washer and dryer, and we were able to wash all of our clothes before packing – and not stuff a bunch of dirty laundry into our suitcases. Plus, if you already wore your favorite sports bra, or favorite leggings, you can wear it again on the trip! Did I mention not having to take dirty laundry home?

3) Unique Amenities
– Things like fire pits, hammocks, board games, record players and records – things hotels don’t have. But also basic things like extra pillows and blankets, umbrellas, etc. Even better if all of these unique amenities are outlined in the welcome book.

4) Kitchen Amenities – Speaking of amenities, part of why I love AirBNB’s is because you get a kitchen! Of course the host can’t (and shouldn’t) have it fully stocked with food. But, things like coffee, tea, condiments, spices – those are great to have, and easy enough for hosts to leave.

5) No personal items – I’m sorry, but I don’t want to see your family photos around the house. We even stayed at a place one time that had someones CREMATED ASHES on one of the shelves. WHAT?! AirBNB’s should feel homey to the guests, not like they’re staying in someone else’s home (even though that’s exactly what we’re doing).

6) Head’s up about certain things
– If there’s anything we need a heads up on, please let us know! A fun example: when we were in California, we were by the fireplace one night, we look over, and there’s a CAT in the living room! Usually, I would have been super excited that there was a cute, friendly animal in the house – except that my boyfriend is extremely allergic. Turns out, there were two cat doors in the house! One of which was in our bedroom! We were able to put our suitcases in front of it so he couldn’t get in, but a heads up would have been nice!

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