Basic Packing Checklist

I solemnly swear I will go through this list every time I travel.

packing checklist

I think (keyword THINK) that I am a really good packer. But I always, always forget something. So I hope this list helps people to never forget anything (anything important, at least) while packing again. Some of the items on this list are dependent on when and where you are travelling (you probably won’t need bug spray in the desert, or sunscreen in the middle of winter), but it’s safer to list everything you may potentially need. This list is also available for download here!

Travel stuff:

⬜ Passport/visa
⬜ Driver’s License or ID
⬜ Plane tickets
⬜ Any permits (hiking, etc.)
⬜ Cash/Credit Cards
⬜ Printed out reservation confirmations
⬜ Travel Insurance confirmation (if you have it)


Note: Always check your airlines restricted items list if you are flying!
⬜ Toothbrush/toothpaste
⬜ Shampoo/Conditioner/Hair products
⬜ Hair brush (I literally ALWAYS forget a hair brush)
⬜ Body wash
⬜ Deodorant
⬜ Face wash
⬜ Face wipes
⬜ Moisturizer
⬜ Chapstick
⬜ Contact case and solution
⬜ Glasses and case
⬜ Makeup
⬜ Lotion
⬜ Condoms
⬜ Razors/Shaving Cream
⬜ Medications
⬜ Sunscreen
⬜ Bug spray
⬜ Hand sanitizer
⬜ Travel size tissues


⬜ Phone charger
⬜ Outlet converters (if you need them)
⬜ Camera AND camera chargers
⬜ Extra SD cards
⬜ Headphones
⬜ Laptop AND charger

The basics:

⬜ Sunglasses
⬜ Underwear
⬜ Socks (always bring extra)
⬜ Tops
⬜ Pants/jeans/skirts/whatever (bottoms)
⬜ Stockings/tights
⬜ Layerable jackets/cardigans
⬜ Pajamas
⬜ Shoes (a simple pair you can wear with every outfit, walking shoes, flip flops)
⬜ Swimsuit/Cover-up
⬜ Cross-body purse WITH zipper


⬜ Travel journal and pens
⬜ Water bottle
⬜ Trash bags (good for dirty laundry, packing shoes, etc.)

Did I forget anything? Let me know in the comments!

Download a PDF of this checklist, here!

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