The Ultimate Music Festival Packing Checklist

So you just bought your ticket for your very first music festival! Congratulations! I get questions from a lot of first-timers about what exactly they should pack. It’s so easy to over pack, or under pack if you have no idea what to expect. So I’m going to lay it all out for you.

Start off by going through my Basic Packing Checklist. This is anything you would need for ANY trip. I will repeat some things in this post, but I’ll leave out the basics (toothbrush, underwear, etc.)

Let’s start with the most important thing….


You can forget ANYTHING else on this list and replace it pretty easily EXCEPT THE TICKETS. Put a reminder in your phone for the morning you leave reminding you – just in case!


⬜ Hand sanitizer
⬜ Sunscreen*
⬜ Insect repellent*
⬜ Aloe*
⬜ Face wipes
⬜ Deodorant*
⬜ Zip-lock bags
⬜ Ibuprofen

*Check the festivals restricted items list first! Most festivals have rules about aerosol cans or the amount of water you can bring, etc. So you may have to leave some of these items at the hotel!

What to wear:

⬜ Comfortable shoes (if they’re waterproof, even better!)
⬜ Sunglasses
⬜ Earplugs
⬜ Rain coat or poncho
⬜ Cross-body purse/bag
⬜ Bandana or buff (especially if you’re somewhere dusty)

Check out this post about how I pick my outfits!

music festival fashion

Purse/Daypack – to bring to the festival:

⬜ Driver’s license or ID
⬜ Water bottle and/or camelbak*
⬜ Phone
⬜ Portable charger (solar powered is even better!)
⬜ Face wipes
⬜ Extra bobby-pins
⬜ Extra ponytails
⬜ Sunglasses
⬜ Comfortable shoes
⬜ Chapstick with SPF
⬜ Earplugs
⬜ Tissues and toilet paper in a zip-lock
⬜ Hand sanitizer*
⬜ Sunscreen*

If you’re camping:

⬜ Tent
⬜ Tent stakes and mallet/hammer for stakes
⬜ Tent lock
⬜ Air mattress (if you’re fancy!)
⬜ Blankets
⬜ Sleeping bag
⬜ Pillow
⬜ Extra tarps
⬜ Hammock
⬜ Camping chairs*
⬜ Toilet Paper
⬜ Towels (mircofiber is better)
⬜ Wet Wipes
⬜ Saline eye drops
⬜ Cooler*
⬜ Solo cups
⬜ Lanterns and/or flashlights
⬜ Camping grill* (if you’re REALLY fancy!)
⬜ Food to go with your fancy grill*
⬜ Snacks*
⬜ Duct tape
⬜ Bluetooth speaker
⬜ Trash bags
⬜ Dry shampoo*
⬜ Flashlight or headlamp
⬜ Mirror

What NOT to bring:

❌ Expensive jewelry
❌ Anything designer
❌ White clothes
❌ Glass of any kind
❌ Always, always check the restricted items list for any festival.

And I’m gonna say it one more time because it really is the most important…



Download the printable version, here!



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