Gift Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you’re reading this post it probably means you have a traveler in your life you need some gift ideas for. Travelers can be particularly hard to shop before because we typically prefer experiences over posessions, but most people want SOMETHING to put under the tree! Well lucky for you, I am here. I am a traveler with lots of travelers in my life. These are all gifts I have received or given, or ones I would be happy to get. So here are some gift ideas for the traveler in your life.

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Travel Journal – For the creative traveler in your life, a travel journal is a great, thoughtful gift. Whether it’s a blank Moleskin journal, or a travel journal with prompts, it is nice to have those memories documented in your own words.

Luggage tag – Everyone needs a luggage tag, may as well make it a cute one! Etsy makes the absolute cutest customizable luggage tags in almost every shape, color, and material imaginable.

Passport Cover – I will say, this gift is better if it is accompanied by a ticket to somewhere they’ll need their passport for. But it would also be nice paired with the luggage tags – let them know you support their travels, and help them do it in style!

Packing Cubes – If the traveler in your life jumps from place to place, packing cubes might be a perfect gift for them. They are not as useful for weekend trips, but if they are more of a long-term traveler, they will definitely appreciate these.

Dry Pack – If you know a traveler who loves camping, kayaking, or anything outdoorsy, a dry pack is a terrific gift. I always see people leaving their phones or cameras at home because they are afraid of the water damage. Ease their minds, and buy them a dry pack!

Necklace – Play it safe, and sweet – most girls love necklaces. It’s even more special if it will remind them of a trip. Did you visit Yosemite recently? Buy them a little mountain necklace. Visit the desert recently? Maybe a little cactus necklace. A little reminder of a trip that you can wear everyday is a great gift.

Weekend Bag – My boyfriend travels a lot for work. Sometimes even just one or two day trips. He used to take his rolling carry-on with him, but it was just too big for what he needed it for. I bought him a nice weekend bag, perfect for those one or two day trips, and he loves it.

Polaroid Camera (and extra film) – I absolutely love my polaroid camera, and I love taking it with me when I travel. Having those instant little memories to take home with me, not to mention they look adorable when displayed.

New luggage – Is your favorite travelers luggage worn down? (Like mine?) I know I would appreciate some new luggage. I bought my boyfriend some new luggage for Christmas last year, and he appreciated it so much. Plus it’s always nice to see the person actually using the gift you got them, and who doesn’t need luggage?

The Flack Sack – Expensive, but one of the BEST bags for travelers. You can lock the bag shut. It cannot be cut open, even the ropes cannot be cut off. It is water resistant. And it is has RFID blocking technology to prevent digital pickpocketing. It is the perfect bag for traveling, especially in places that are big on pickpocketers.

GoPro – All the hype around the GoPro is for good reason. It’s small, waterproof, durable, perfect for travel.

Plane tickets – Now of course the BEST gift for any traveler is a plane ticket to somewhere fabulous. Most airlines offer gift cards! Or if you know them well, or they have a bucket list like I do, surprise them with tickets to somewhere they’ve always wanted to go.


Photo books – I can’t wait to see my families faces when I give them the Mixbook Photo Books I designed for them. We recently returned from a family trip to Ireland where we got some incredible photos. What better gift than all of those memories bound in a book? Photo books start as low as $11, and go up based on what you want to do with it – they are all customizable! Choose to have it hardcover or softcover, matte or glossy pages, add new pages – make it your own!


Calendars – This was one of my Christmas presents for my boyfriend our first year together. We had taken a trip to California that year, and I turned our photos into a calendar! I loved this gift idea because it was personal, but not too cheesy – it wasn’t a bunch of pictures of us (which I think can be a little too sappy for most men), it was pictures of our memories.

Canvas Prints – Maybe you don’t need a full calendar, maybe you have one amazing photo you want to feature. Give them a beautiful print to remember it by.

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This post is sponsored by Mixbook. All opinions are my own.

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    • It’s a good investment for sure! I’ve had friends and family get cameras, wallets, etc. stolen off them because their bag wasn’t locked or wasn’t rip proof. It’s basically a full-proof travel bag!

  1. Aaaand I’ll take all of these please. I mean, I might need a bigger tree to facilitate but I’d be ecstatic with a whole handful of these. Great post!


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