Forecastle Festival 2018: Day Two Recap

Day two: electric boogaloo! The lineup today was, uh, diverse to say the least. Country, rap, early 2000s pop rock – you name it, they booked it. I kinda love a wacky diverse lineup though. Too much of the same thing can get boring quickly. And boring is a word that has never been used to describe Forecastle.

Day two almost felt like a totally different festival. For starters, the crowd was much larger today. But the whole day just had a different feel. A little more laid back. Maybe that was the heat exhaustion talking though.


I’ve come to the conclusion that Kentucky summers are only bearable at night time. The sun was beating down on us early in the day. It was so hot it was almost distracting. But that’s what the bourbon lodge is for!

The day started with Hiss Golden Messenger. They were troopers for playing at the hottest point of the day, but they didn’t let it hold them back. They powered through and gave us the show we came for. As they would say in the south, “bless their hearts.”

Next was country princess, Margo Price. In addition to showing off her signature country twang, she also hopped on the drums to show us how well rounded her musical talents are. She and her band were the perfect country appetizer before Chris Stapleton later.

Jimmy Eat World was next up. We came to hear two songs, “The Sweetness” and “The Middle”. We got there just in time to hear both of them back-to-back. The crowd was transported back to 2001 when they played “The Middle”. I didn’t see a single person who didn’t know every single word. Everyone who was sitting, stood up. They ended their set with “Thank you everyone, we are the professional rock’n’roll band, Jimmy Eat World!” which tickled me all weekend.

Jenny Lewis was adorable as always. The audience was filled with people who have loved her since Rilo Kiley, and the younger crowd who knows her as the singer of that song in the Grey’s Anatomy pilot. But the lawn was filled of people singing and dancing and soaking up her energy. She really shined when she put down the guitar. While I appreciate a well-versed musician, she was really able to put her personality into her songs without it. She danced, she posed, she owned the stage.


After Jenny Lewis we grabbed some food and sat at the back of the lawn eating burgers, watching Houndmouth. I told you, today was much more laid back, and we were embracing it.

T-Pain was an almost ironic addition to the lineup. Yes, the writer of “I’m ‘n Luv Wit a Stripper” himself, opening for headliners like War on Drugs and Christ Stapleton. People were having a blast, and that’s the real goal, right?

This was not my first time seeing War on Drugs, and it will not be my last. They always put on an amazing show. We decided to find a spot to lay in the grass towards the back of the lawn. They really are perfect ‘laying in the grass’ music. This was the most peaceful moment of the festival so far. The sun was setting, so it was finally cooling off. We had our beers, took our shoes off, and enjoyed War on Drugs echoing through the park.

Chris Stapleton was welcomed back to his home state with open arms. Admittedly, I am not a country fan. But I give credit where credit is due. I cannot deny his raw talent, even if it’s not my cup of tea. Clearly I was the exception though. The crowd was one of the biggest I have ever seen at Forecastle, and they all knew every word to his set.

Tomorrow is the grand finale, day three. We can’t wait!

This post is sponsored by Forecastle Music Festival. All opinions are my own.

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