Forecastle Festival 2019: Day Three Recap

Day three snuck up of us. Usually by day three I am exhausted and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. But today I had an “oh, shit, it’s day three” moment. I wasn’t ready for it to be over, not yet.

We started our day with Mt. Joy. I was surprised at how early they played in the day, but they brought a huge audience for as early as it was. The crowd was singing along, even to the brand new songs. They also followed suit of a lot of other acts this weekend and pulled out a cover, playing a well-received version of “Ain’t No Sunshine,” an ironic choice for the day which was almost 95°F.

The surprise of the day was Louisville’s own Carly Johnson, who we stumbled upon by accident. We were just looking for somewhere to sit in the shade, and we found Carly. A very Amy Winehouse inspired set, live horn players and all. What we thought would just be background music for our shady spot, ended up being an act we talked about all day.

I will really enjoy The Ruen Brothers once they figure out what their sound is. Every song sounded great, but every song sounded like it was by a different band. Were they rock? Were they Americana? Were they pop? Couldn’t tell you. I enjoyed the set, but it reminded me more of a mixtape than a setlist.

Lauren Mayberry had the cutest outfit of the whole weekend. And CHVRCHES knew exactly which songs we wanted to hear, and they delivered them on a shiny synth-pop platter. A contagiously energetic performance including Mayberry periodically spinning in circles so much you wondered how she kept her balance. Mayberry spoke to the audience between nearly every song, talking about her dairy intolerance, and asking about Kentucky slang. We left feeling like pals.

Andrew Bird was like a breath of fresh air. The whistling! The brass section! It was like a pallet cleanser I didn’t know I needed. I don’t think I felt more at peace all weekend than during his set.

After Andrew Bird, we popped into our favorite spot, The Bourbon Lodge – also known as, the best $30 I’ll ever spend. Private bars, private patio, air-conditioned restrooms, and a jukebox? Take my money.

Tyler Childers is not my taste, but I get it. He’s talented, and his songs are catchy. He’s old school – tight harmonies, a fiddle, a mandolin, clean, classic. Performing in his home state, he had a loyal crowd who knew every word to every song.

I have seen The Avett Brothers before, but never at a festival. But I always thought they were made for festivals. Well, boy was I right. A music festival is the absolute perfect setting to watch The Avett Brothers. Their beautiful music ringing through the city, a drink in every hand, the crowd swaying to the beat, or do-si-do-ing depending on the song. It felt like how you are supposed to see them. Heat lightning flashed behind us for the better part of their set, while we all prayed nothing touched ground and risked evacuation. Luckily, it never did. A perfect day three in my opinion.

At the end of the night we are covered in dust and sweat, and still some part of us wanted to stay just a little longer. Inevitably, we are already planning next year’s trip. ‘Til next time, happy Forecastle everybody!

This post is sponsored by Forecastle Music Festival. All opinions are my own.

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4 thoughts on “Forecastle Festival 2019: Day Three Recap

  1. Girlfriend, I have read and written many festival reviews, and I find yours to be one of the most refreshing I’ve seen in a long time 🙂 forecastle sounds amazing and now because of you it’s totally on my list!

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