Our Stay at the Radisson Hotel Cincinnati Riverfront

We recently returned from a trip to Cincinnati for Bunbury Music Festival. We spent four nights at the Radisson Hotel Cincinnati Riverfront, situated right across the river in Covington KY. A perfect location for festival goers. Just close enough that it was an easy commute, but not too close that we’re in the middle of all the post-festival chaos.

When we were checking in Thursday night, there was a couple in line in front of us telling the concierge how they were just driving through town looking for somewhere to stay, and stopped here because it was just so beautiful. The concierge then shared a similar story about how she grew up in this city, and everyday she and her mother would drive past the Radisson and she would tell her mom “I want to stay there one day.” I knew exactly what they were talking about. The hotel is absolutely stunning from the street. From it’s unique cylindrical shape, to the purple lights that give it a ritzy feel.

Once checked in, we hopped on the elevator up to our room on the 15th floor. Even the elevator made you feel like you were in old Hollywood. It was like stepping into a time machine.

Our room was simple, but all I need is simple. I don’t need a five star hotel, I don’t need luxury or flare. Just give me a clean room with a view, and that’s close to the excitement and I’m happy. That’s what the Radisson gave to us. That doesn’t mean they didn’t have their perks.

We had a king size bed with pillows like little clouds. I sank into those pillows every night after the festival exhaustion set in. We had a large, flat screen television with a TV guide placed right under the remote. Perfect, because our plan Thursday night was to watch the Cavs playoff game in bed.

But what’s a playoff game without pizza and beer? We walked down the block to the liquor store and stocked up on beer, and were happy to discover our room had a reasonably sized refrigerator – HUGE by hotel standards, along with a small freezer. After striking out finding pizza on our own, I thought I would run down to the front desk and ask if they had suggestions. The concierge was ready with a print out of all the pizza places that deliver to the hotel, along with their hours and phone numbers. We had food in no time. Cold beer, pizza, and the Cavs game – we were officially set for the night.

What was most spectacular was the view…oh the view. From 15 floors up, we had one of the most incredible views of the Cincinnati skyline imaginable. We thought the view was incredible during the day, but it was even more breathtaking by night. And every single room at the Radisson has a balcony so you can enjoy it. I absolutely love a room with a good view, and Radisson delivered.

Some of our other favorite amenities were:

• Free parking on their ground lot or underground garage
• Coffee maker (essential!)
• Toiletries and a hair dryer
• An iron and ironing board
• Swimming pool
• On-site gym
• Free WiFi

The free WiFi made writing easy. A blogger needs good WiFi! The WiFi login redirected you to the Radisson concierge website, where you could request turn-down service, fresh towels, and other amenities right from your phone or laptop. Perfect for us, because we slept through housekeeping hour every single morning. With just a couple clicks, we had fresh towels, a made bed, and our pizza boxes taken out.

Sunday we decided to have brunch at the revolving bar and restaurant on the top floor. I never expect much from hotel breakfasts, but Radisson’s brunch was over the top. An all you can eat buffet including classics like eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, french toast, cheesy potatoes, home fries, even chicken and mac’n’cheese. Not to mention the build-your-own waffle bar and omelette station with their own chefs, and fresh cut prime rib.

Whether you’re in Cincinnati for a festival, a game, or just for fun, the Radisson is a great choice. Thank you Radisson for our amazing weekend!


This post is sponsored by Radisson Hotel Cincinnati Riverfront. All opinions are my own.



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30 thoughts on “Our Stay at the Radisson Hotel Cincinnati Riverfront

  1. I’ve been to some five star hotels, but I agree with you – a clean room is the most important thing, and if it has a nice view, well that’s more than enough! Anyways you got me with the make-your-own waffle bar 🙂

  2. I do love a clean room with amazing views too! Sounds like you had the perfect hotel for your Bunbury Music Festival event. The views at the revolving bar and restaurant on the top floor during your breakfast is beautiful. What a great way to start the day!

  3. Clean and simple is what we go for as well! Free parking and wifi is a huge bonus. We will definately check it out when we make it over that part of the world.

  4. My friend is heading to the city and was looking for a hotel, this sounds like a great place to stay. I’ll let her know. Thanks for sharing

  5. My family used to go down to Cinci and Kentucky for my brother’s baseball games when I was little. We always stayed on the waterfront and had a cool view of the city.

  6. Coming from D.C., free parking is always near the top of my priority list! This place looks great — clean and comfy and great food. Love the view from the restaurant!

  7. the structure of the hotel reminds me of a corn haha. but looks like you had a great stay with awesome views! 🙂 and fresh prime rib for brunch?? sounds amazing!

  8. Amazing!! This hotel looks beautiful and will definitely keep it in kind of we’re ever in Cincinnati – also seems like a great location. And I absolutely agree, all you really need is a clean room and also good service 🙂

  9. Wow, the Radisson Hotel Riverfront in Cincinnati looks like the perfect spot to hang out! I love how a good concierge can make a hotel and it sounds like you had great concierge service there. I love when a hotel takes the basics and makes them great too. We also dont need 5 star but its great to feel pampered with nice versions of the basics like that bed or fridge.
    Even if you dont stay there, having brunch at the rooftop restaurant seems worth going too, cause like you said…those views!

  10. This looks like such a great place to stay! I like the modern look of it and it sounds so convenient to be able to request housekeeping from your phone. The brunch looks amazing, too!

  11. This sounds like a great stay in Radisson. The hotel looks lovely from outside as well as inside. A clean and comfy room with great views is the biggest plus point. I’m a fan of great views. Also, the perks like free wifi, coffee maker, swimming pool and flat screen TV add to the amazing stay experience. Food too looks delicious.

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