What I Wore In Ireland and Why

Fashion and travel, two of my favorite things. And they go hand in hand in many ways! When I start planning a trip, I immediately start planning my wardrobe. What will the weather be like? Will I spend a lot of time outdoors or indoors? What colors will be in the background of my photos? I’ll walk you more through my thought process a little more throughout this post. So if you’re wondering what to wear, or just want some inspiration, here is what I wore in Ireland and why!

I just got back from the beautiful Emerald Isle known as Ireland. It is autumn in October – typically between 46-64°F (8-18°C). To me, that meant being adaptable – layers! Leather jackets, tights, beanies, some of my favorite fashion staples.

The Essentials

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>When I hear Ireland, I think rain. So one of the first things I bought for this trip was rain boots. I knew I would be wearing both skirts and leggings, so I needed something that would go well with both. Then I found the cutest rainboots on Amazon. They look like regular chelsea ankle boots, but they’re waterproof! And they were pretty compact, not like Hunters or other knee-high rain boots which would be difficult to fit in my luggage. I tested them out before the trip, and they were perfect. They took a day or two to break in, so I’m glad I tried them BEFORE the trip. But once they were broken in, they were exactly what I was looking for. Cute, waterproof, small enough to fit into luggage. CHECK!

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A beanie is always crucial if you’re traveling somewhere a little brisk. I love the way beanies can pull a look together. Plus, it’s a great solution for a bad hair day – which is common when you’re visiting somewhere as rainy as Ireland. Our first day there it was raining all day, and my hair was immediately a mess, so I put my hair in some braids, threw on a beanie, and didn’t have to worry about it again!

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If I’m traveling anywhere in autumn or winter, I always bring an infinity scarf. They are great for the plane ride, because they can be used as a blanket, or rolled up into a little pillow. Then when you get there, you just have a cute accessory that also keeps you warm. I brought two on this trip, so my photos would have a little variation to them. I always bring one neutral scarf (black, grey, etc.) that can be worn with anything. Then my second scarf was a red plaid scarf from Target, because when I think European fall fashion, I think plaid. A little cliché? Maybe. But I loved it.

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Fleece lined tights are great if you’re traveling somewhere chilly, and you know you’ll be spending time outside. I brought a couple pairs of regular tights as well, but on those days where it dipped into the 40s, I pulled out my fleece lined tights. When we spent the day in Killarney National Park, I knew we would be outside for a good part of the day, so I wore them under my leggings. Layers, layers, layers!

Wool socks are also great for cold climates. Wool is a great insulator, and keeps its insulation even when they are wet. They can also be worn multiple times without washing them because wool has natural anti-bacterial properties which makes them odor resistant. Yes, really. Not to mention they are so warm and cozy!

The purse is always one of the most essential things on my list. When I am traveling, I like to have a crossbody purse that zips shut – and of course, something adorable. I found this tan faux leather bag on Amazon that met all my criteria. Even better, it had a giant flap that covered the zipper. So if someone wanted to get into my purse, they would have to open this massive flap AND unzip it. In other words, it would have been impossible to do without me noticing. It had zipper pockets on the inside and outside of the bag, which I love for extra security. On top of all that, it’s waterproof, and the perfect size – not too big, not too small. It was truly the perfect bag for this trip. It’s also just a great fall purse, I’m still wearing it!

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Faux leather jackets are one of my favorite pieces in general, and also perfect for Ireland – even better if they have a hood and pockets with zippers. Faux leather, if made with polyurethane (most are), is completely waterproof. As a bonus, it is also super warm and a fashion staple that goes with almost anything. Just check that they are 100% polyurethane and not a blend.

Where I Saved Money

waterproof faux leather jacket, waterproof purse, blanket scarf (layers layer layers)

I am a budget shopper. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on clothes, when I could be spending that money in Ireland! So I hit up a thrift store before I went for some basic staples. A black ribbed turtleneck, a raincoat, a grey turtleneck, and as a bonus find I found the most incredible maroon corduroy dress. All of those items combined were under $10. Thank you Salvation Army! I knew I wanted some of these basic items, and why spend the money at a department store, when I knew I could find them at any thrift store?

$1 turtleneck I got a thrift store w/ my waterproof purse and rain boots

Most of my other items were either things I already owned, or pieces I bought on Amazon or Forever 21. I did this for two reasons: to save money, and because I don’t like bringing expensive items on trips. Things can get ripped, stained, lost. My sister lost one of my infinity scarves I got at Target, which was not a huge deal – but if it had been one of my Betsey Johnson scarves, I would have been much more upset. See what I mean?

The Details

See how the kelly green and red pop against the stone?

I’m very logical with how I pick out my outfits for travel. First, I always think about what my background colors will probably be in my photos, so I could pick colors that contrast well. For Ireland, I knew a lot of my photos would likely be a green grassy background – or the greys of the cobblestone and ruins. So I thought about what colors would contrast well against the greens and greys – so I landed on black, reds, greens, navy blue, and mustard yellow. I like to stick to one color family when I pack, so I can mix and match pieces throughout the trip. If I stain, rip or ruin something, I can pair it with something else.

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We stayed at three castles during our stay, so I knew I wanted a dramatic flowy skirt for the photos. Duh. I found an incredible copper pleated midi skirt on Amazon for under $25 which was one of my favorite things I wore on the entire trip. I got soooo many compliments on it. However, I would NOT have worn this piece if it had been floor length – floor length dresses and skirts always end up getting muddy, or tripped over, or both. This skirt was the perfect length.

The Inspiration Piece

With every look, I like to have one central inspiration piece. For this trip, my inspiration was my Dark Sandalwood & Emerald Jord Wooden Watch. I was already going for a cool, earthy jewel tone look, and this watch tied every look together. The wood band made it neutral enough that it went with literally everything I wore. And the emerald face? I mean, come on, I was in the EMERALD ISLE! I love a large faced watch. And I love how comfortable it is! I have too many watches sitting in my jewelry box that have not been worn in years because how uncomfortable or heavy they are. This will not be one of those watches. I got so many compliments on my watch while I was there. “Is that wood?!” was something I was asked a lot. It’s tough to balance a piece that’s unique but still neutral, and this watch is a perfect balance.

If you want a chance to win your own Jord Wooden Watch – I am your girl. Click here to enter the giveaway! Win a $100 gift card towards any Jord Watch, and just entering gets you 10% off. If this watch is not your style, no worries, you can enter to win one of many different Jord styles. But let me warn you, it’s hard to choose. You can enter the giveaway through November 11 – and remember, Christmas is coming up quick, and a beautiful wooden watch would make an awesome present. Good luck!

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What I wore in Ireland
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43 thoughts on “What I Wore In Ireland and Why

    1. Thank you! I live somewhere where we experience all four seasons at full force, so I feel pretty prepared for anything lol. Glad you found it useful!

    1. I almost didn’t buy the skirt because I was convincing myself I didn’t “need” it. But I’m so glad I did because it’s one of my favorite photos from the whole trip! And the skirt was less than $25USD!

  1. Layers, layer, layers are SO key for Ireland! I went in March and I would recommend everything you wore. However, if you do go unprepared then you can always go to Penny’s or H&M for any additional pieces of clothing you may need.

  2. Oh my goodness you are so, soooo much more organised than me! I try to make sure all my clothes are clean a few days before we go on a trip…and then I just throw things into a bag the night before we fly. I’ve even borrowed by mum’s wellies and my dad’s massive rain jacket when I’ve been in Ireland. Oops. I am totally missing out on looking amazing in all my travel photos! Heh!! Ah well.

    I love your skirt, and all your Ireland-inspired outfits. You look amazing AND got some sun. That is a double win!

  3. I love your outfits! It can be so difficult to know what to pack sometimes, it’s great to read about your thought process behind each piece and have a guide to know what to pack. I agree about layers for Ireland! You never know what you’re going to get that day.

    1. Exactly! Some days it was in the 60s(F) and other days it was in the 30s(F)! Brr! Very glad I brought as many layerable things as I did.

  4. First of all, your style is ON POINT, so cute! I feel like I under packed for my trip to Ireland a couple years ago and this was such a perfect list. Thanks for the adorable tips!

  5. Wow it’s great to know that you do so much planning..I love to be dressed nicely during my vacation but really find it challenging to decide on what combinations I should wear. Thanks for the guide

    1. Picking my combinations was the hardest part – because I bought everything so it would look good together. But at least you have a ton of options that way!

  6. Couldn’t agree with this post more!! I definitely lived in infinity scarfs and beanies when visiting Dublin and that wooden watch really brings the whole outfit together. Entered the giveaway! Hope I win 😀

  7. Great selection of pieces. Good idea on the fleece lined leggings. Will definitely check those out for an upcoming trip I’m taking. Totally agree with you 100%, a scarf is a must when traveling. Cute style all around.

    1. Thank you! I loooove my fleece lined tights because I almost never wear pants lol. I’m a skirts and dresses girl, and I can stay warm with my fleece lined tights!

  8. Ahh I love packing lists! They give me such inspo when packing. I absolutely love that watch. I’ve being eyeing Jord watches for a while, I think this one is my fave! I love the dark wood look.

  9. I love this post! I’m a huge fan of fashion and travel too, so totally enjoyed it. I need a pair of fleece lined leggings too – adding them to my Christmas wish list.

    1. They’re sooooo nice! I almost never wear pants, so fleece lined tights are a great way to stay warm while wearing skirts and dresses!

  10. You’re so organized! I love the amount of thought you put into packing colors that match well with where you’re visiting. It’s always disappointing to be somewhere and look bad contrasting with the scenery around you.

    1. I’m stressed if I’m not organized lol. Thank you! Contrasting colors is something I feel like no one thinks about, but they should! Especially travel bloggers trying to get that perfect travel photo.

  11. Great post, love seeing all the fall colors in Ireland. And the lighting in your castle picture with the red skirt is amazing! Hope to go to Ireland soon 🙂

  12. What a great write up on your wardrobe and totally on point! 👊 Was in Ireland earlier this year and absolutely loved it – Yes a Beanie!!! I also love the idea of an inspiration piece – very clever.

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