Bourbon & Beyond Festival 2019: Day Three Recap

It’s already day three? Whoa. Well, here we are, the festival has finally wrapped up. While I’ll keep all my thoughts and judgments for my full weekend recap, I am here now to tell you about day three.

Today, we arrived pretty annoyed, because we left our hotel with PLENTY of time to see White Reaper…but after all the parking hooplah and getting from the lot to the entrance…we walked in as they were finishing their last song. Super bummer because they were one of the acts I was looking forward to the most. But who could have predicted it would have taken over an hour to get on-site?

After that drag, we explored the grounds a little deeper, and found a couple fun speakeasies that quickly turned our moods around. Nothing turns a frown upside down like a delectable cocktail.

After a few fancy cocktails, it was time for Edie Brickell, who beamed onstage. Her performance of “What I Am” brought everyone back to the late 80s.

Next up was Kurt Vile, who I can never see enough times. I think I’ve actually lost count of
the number of times I’ve seen him. Four? Twenty? A thousand? Not sure. But I will gladly see him over and over again.

Margo Price is a country princess. We enjoyed her performance from the VIP area, sitting in the grass, with whiskey in hand. It seemed like the perfect way to watch her set.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes got the crowd moving again. At this point in the day, we were all hot, a little dehydrated, and Edward Sharpe made sure we kept our energy up. Dancing to “40 Day Dream” was enough to keep us going for a couple hours at least.

Leon Bridges dominated that stage in his yellow leopard set – A LOOK. I looooved a little dose of soul this weekend. Variety keeps a lineup interesting, and Leon Bridges definitely added some variety to the weekend.

More cigarettes were smoked during ZZ Top than any other act of the weekend. Just something about their music makes you want to drink straight liquor and smoke cigarettes, idk. Fingers were snapping, hips were shaking, lips were snarled. Everyone there had the spirit of ZZ Top flow through them, even if it was just for a moment.

Zac Brown Band sounded great, they’re just personally not my favorite. I try to avoid pop country as much as possible, but I did thoroughly enjoy them live.

Stay tuned for my full weekend recap, where I will be spilling ALL my thoughts on Bourbon & Beyond – what they did right, what they did wrong, everything! Coming soon.

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