Bunbury 2018: Day Three Recap

Today was the last day of Bunbury 2018. While were sad for it to end, we were also excited to soak our feet after three days of dancing. Today was sold out, and that fact was very clear. Wall to wall people for almost every performance today.

Our day started with Black Pistol Fire. They were a perfect fit for today’s rock’n’roll lineup, not to mention they are the perfect opener for Jack White. From a distance, you would swear they were a five piece rock band, but all that music is coming from just two incredibly talented rock’n’rollers.


From there we went to Manchester Orchestra. I was excited for their set, but I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t super impressed with their performance. After a series of issues with their sound right off the bat, the final mix was not much better. The bass was so loud I could barely hear Andy Hull – when all I wanted to hear was Andy Hull! After a weekend of incredible live sound mixing, there’s bound to be one band that gets the short end of the stick. It’s just unfortunate that it was Manchester Orchestra.


After Manchester Orchestra was done their set, we headed over to the Sawyer Point Stage for Coheed and Cambria. I always thought that Coheed and Cambria had kind of a cult following, so I was pleasantly surprised by how many people showed up to their set, and even more surprised by how many people I saw singing along. Everyone singing along became instant friends – playing air guitar and head banging. It was like our own little club of former angsty teenagers.

I could not wait for Dropkick Murphy’s. I had never see them before, but I knew it was going to be a fun set. Boy was I right. Not only were they wildly entertaining and energetic, you could tell they were having fun. They smiled more than any other artists the whole weekend. They were the perfect band to get our mood up after a bit of day-three exhaustion.


Today, I became a Post Malone fan. I finally get it. He performed over a backing track the whole time, which usually I would hate. But it wasn’t even about his performance or musical ability, it was about his energy, and his story. He was so ernest, so humble, so thankful. He thanked the audience after every single song, and told stories about his first mix tape and all the people who said we would never make it. His goofy smile was contagious.


The final headliner of the weekend was Jack White. Out of respect for his new policy, I chose not to photograph or video any of the performance, no matter how much I wanted to. I thought his performance was great, but I overheard a few people discuss that his energy seemed a little low compared to his usual shows. I will admit, I thought he would have a little bit more energy too. That didn’t stop him from giving a great performance though.

Overall, day three was a day of rock’n’roll and smiles, and a perfect way to end the weekend. Stay tuned for my full weekend recap which I’ll be posting later this week!

This post is sponsored by Bunbury Music Festival. All opinions are my own.

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21 thoughts on “Bunbury 2018: Day Three Recap

  1. It sounds like a good mix of people for a festival! I saw Jack White a few years ago at a festival and thought he had pretty high energy, but I can imagine he’d still be good even with lower energy.

  2. My partner and I met at a music festival in Australia (Splendour in the Grass—have you ever been?), so we often go to live music events like this for old time’s sake when we’re travelling! Bunbury looks awesome! Your photos are fantastic, too!

  3. I’ve never heard of this festival- sounds like lots of fun. But also sounds exhausting!! Glad you enjoyed it so much!

  4. I’ve heard a lot of people become a Post Malone fan after seeing him live, that is great you found a new artist to love at the Bunbury Music Festival. Day three must have had the best acts in order to sell out. Sounds like it was a great weekend of awesome music and lots of dancing. Make sure you take care of your feet!

  5. I miss going to music festivals, it’s been ages since I have attended one. Still, I am so jealous about Dropkick Murphys! I love them, haven’t yet been able to see them perform live but I bet it was great fun! We played some of their songs at our wedding reception 😀

  6. That’s a pretty great line up! Looks like a fun festival, you were so close to the stage too! I love when you see someone live and become a new fan, it’s the greatest way to appreciate new music.

  7. I would love to attend a Bunbury festival. Looks like so much fun. So cool that you saw Post Malone live – would love to experience that!

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