My Honest Review of Frontier Airlines

This September we flew with Frontier Airlines for the first time. A direct flight from Columbus to Denver, including luggage, for $244! How can you beat that? But then I started reading the reviews, and I got nervous. I already have flight anxiety, and the reviews were making it seem like I was taking a tin can in the sky. But now that I’ve experienced it for myself, I can let everyone know what they’re in for, first-hand.

It’s truly no frills. There is nothing luxurious about Frontier. They literally call it an “air bus” which I thought was hilarious until I learned that’s an actual term. The seats do not recline, and the tray tables can barely fit a drink on them, let alone a book or anything else. It really does feel like you’re on a bus.

EVERYTHING is a la carte. Even water. No, frontier does not include any drinks or snacks on their flights. So pack your own snacks, and buy a bottle of water once you’re inside the aiport. Or better yet, bring an empty water bottle and fill it once you’re there. Most airports have purified water filling stations now! Luggage is not included in the base price, except one personal item. I should also mention it’s an extra $5 to choose your seat. So be aware that that $99 ticket could end up being closer to $140ish.

Be aware of luggage. A lot of reviews I read were people upset that the base ticket price does not include luggage. But it’s all right there in the fine print! I already mentioned every ticket includes a personal item. Just make sure to weigh and measure your luggage before you leave, because they will nickel and dime you whenever they can. If your personal item doesn’t fit under the seat, they will consider it a carry-on, and they will charge you for it.

The seats are…less than desired. I kept reading that the seats were like plastic folding chairs. Well, they weren’t quite that bad, but they weren’t great either. Thin, vinyl seats that don’t recline, with almost zero leg room. The leg room didn’t bother me so much, but my 6’5″ boyfriend was not as comfortable.

Get the app. For as budget of an airline as Frontier is, they have a surprisingly nice app! You can check in, load your boarding passes, pay bills, and even chat with customer service. Though if you pull up your boarding pass, I would screenshot it. Cell reception in airports is not always reliable.

Overall, it was fine for the price. Key word, FINE. I would fly Frontier again, but I think three hours would be my cap. I’ll buy the dirt cheap tickets to be uncomfortable for a couple hours, that’s a fair trade off. But if the flight were any longer, I think I would just suck it up and pay the extra money for comfort.

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28 thoughts on “My Honest Review of Frontier Airlines

  1. I’ve never flown with Frontier but this is all good to know. I have flight anxiety as well and I’m always nervous to try out a new airline!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I have flown frontier airlines many times and agree it is literally an “air bus!” But their flights are always cheap and on time in my experience, so thats a plus!

    1. Bull ……..they are very expensive because everything is Al a cart , carryons cost money and don’t ask for anything to eat it cost a fortune, they don’t allow people who are flying together to sit together unless you pay extra, don’t pay extra for flight insurance because you’ll never see your money back they will con you out of it, worst flight I’ve ever experienced and most everyone I spoke with on the flight said it’s one and done for them too. Our check on bag was 17 lbs over from their unreasonable 40lb bag limit and we had to pay an additional $125.00 just to check that bag. Take off wasn’t too bad but when we landed in Arizona everyone was terrified in the way we landed I thought maybe a monkey was landing that plane, people screamed and kids were crying it was so ruff. Absolutely no internet, staff was rude and very uncaring, never never will we fly frontier again period

  3. I’ve flown Frontier many times. The deal from Houston to Denver is often too good to pass up- often $150 or less round trip! But I have had issues with them, the greatest being their tendency to bump you off your flight. They don’t do this while you’re at the airport- they do it in advance. You will suddenly receive an email saying that your flight has been changed to one much earlier, which you may not like at all. Even though you reserved your seat- or so you thought- they have this right to move you to another flight. As long as you still get to your destination when you originally expected, then they feel the deal is fair. This has happened to me more than once with Frontier and one time, I had to cancel my trip because they changed my flight to one leaving Houston at 7am as opposed to my original departure of 3pm. I couldn’t make the 7am and therefore had to cancel and seek out an afternoon flight on another airline.

  4. Air buses are pretty common in Europe! But those seats don’t look very inviting lol. I always take airline reviews with a pinch of salt because like you said you get people complaining that they have to pay extra for luggage – well, yeah! And some people have crazy expectations when they’re only paying a few quid for a flight! I think if you know what you’re getting into then it’s usually okay, so it’s good to read a review like this. 🙂 And I think I agree that 3 hours would be my cap too!

  5. Hey!! I just messaged you on our FB page too…love your blog. We fly our kids on Froniter…we book quite a few flights for them so this is the best deal for us…sorry kiddos….want to visit us? Suck it up!! LOL….They have never had a bad experience. Now that they are familiar with the airline they just come fully prepared with snacks, books water etc.

  6. I’ve flown Frontier a few times. It’s definitely not the most comfortable airline but the prices can be worth it! Shorter flights aren’t too bad but I flew Frontier from Cincinnati to Las Vegas and my butt was sore from the uncomfortable seats haha. The price was still worth it though!

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  8. I am so happy to have came across this review. Thank you for sharing b/c I’ve never rode Frontier and Spirits due to all the review. However, like you, I wouldn’t mind a cheap short flight (less than 3 hours…that’ s like Cancun!). We already know that they charge for check-in bags…so why act surprise? Personal snacks and drinks that we bring on-board is better than the pretzels/peanuts/crackers that airlines provide…so again, why complain? After reading your review, I will definitely look more into Frontier flights.

  9. They don’t offer you anything to eat, when I asked for water, they asked me do you want to purchase water?!!
    I cant believe it, even I should buy water. Not very clean the previous passenger’s chewing gum was on the seat!
    Never go with them anymore.

  10. They just don’t care.

    Someone stole my wallet at the gate lobby and Frontier did NOTHING to help. All I got was “oh, that sucks” and was turned away without a second thought. Don’t risk flying with them because you won’t get customer service.

  11. I flew with them last weekend. Going out was fine. I knew what to expect with seating. The flight was fine no complaints, like i said i knew what to expect. However our return flight was cancelled. Not delayed flat out cancelled. We were stuck. I scrambled to find airfare home. returned the day after my expected arrival home. I had to pay extra money for a different airline, I had to pay extra money for additional parking for my car at the airport, I had to pay extra money for the hotel room, I had to pay extra money for car rental. Worst experience of my life. I will never fly Frontier again. There incompetence in unacceptable.

  12. Bought their go wild pass and I have been trying since the first of May to book a flight. All the days are blacked out including the normal black out period dates. I’ve tried to call them. Just automation and get hung up on. Tried to chat with them, nothing. This is supposed to be a multi billion dollar company and this is the service I get. I want a full refund.

  13. Thanks for your honest review. I had seen 100% 1 rating. 1 Being the worst. Heard they wont even let you take a throw a head pillow or throw blanket. Everyone is saying it’s the worst. At least your review gave me some level of hope that it’s at least ok to get to cancun and back less than 3 hour flight and i can take my backpack and stuff it under seat. Ughh. I’ll give them a shot. But anything worse than Spirit Airlines I’m concerned. Frontier makes Spirit seem like Delta:)

  14. I had the worse experience of my life with Frontier airlines.

  15. Do yourself a HUGE favor…NEVER fly with Frontier. They advertise cheap rates and by the time you add on the things that are normally included with a full service airline, the ticket prices are higher than a full service or more reputable carrier. I bought a round trip ticket out of Vegas. On the way home, we were set to board at 3:45 pm. The pilots, the stewardesses and the plane was there. At 3:40, they came on loud speaker and said your flight has been cancelled and will not be rescheduled. No apologies, no explanation. We were told to go downstairs and see if they could find us an alternate flight. They emailed everyone a $15.00 meal voucher and no hotel stay. The funny thing is that $15.00 at an airport is not a meal, it is a soft drink and bag of chips if you are lucky. We literally waited in line for at least an hour and a half. Some man became very upset in line and they called the police and pinned him to the floor even though he repeatedly kept saying he could not breath. They took him away in an ambulance. I got to the desk after that lovely scene and the girl said if you reschedule with Frontier, we will request a hotel room. I asked how long that would take and she said at least two hours. Never mind that were at the airport for over 4 hours already. They also said we could have a $100 off our next flight (sorry that wont happen). I said what if I want my money back and she slaps a piece of paper with a scanner code and says apply with this scanner code for a refund. It will take 5- 7 days for a refund request to be generated. No hotel accommodations will be provided. Not to mention that if a flight is cancelled without 24 hour notice, the passenger can then ask for a seat on an alternate flight or seek a full refund from the airline. However, if the airline fails to inform the passenger at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time, then it has to pay compensation of Rs 5,000, Rs 7,500, Rs 10,000 based on the duration of the flight. Was that offered?? … NO! I will be reporting their practices to whomever regulates them. Stay away…I promise you, you will regret it if you fly with them.

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