14 thoughts on “Sleeper Trains Unveiled: Pros and Cons of Overnight Train Travel

  1. I honestly love overnight trains. I took many when I was backpacking Europe 12 years ago, and found the EuRail pass helpful for cutting the cost. Though, once I moved to Europe, I was paying full price. I really hope Europe continues to bring down the cost, so they can be a more affordable and eco-friendly alternative to flights. Great list of pros and cons about taking sleeper trains in Europe!

    1. I love the option of overnight trains too! I would love to plan a whole European trip around train travel—I would just pack less next time lol

  2. I love travelling overland & I’m a fan of sleeper trains. There’s definitely something romantic about train travel but it does take longer than flying and can be expensive. But it can also be a great way to see a new country. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. I guess it’s only us train lovers who are clicking and then commenting! Lol I love travel by sleeper trains too. I don’t mind if the views are sometimes limited as they are often fabulous. I also reeeally like it when the trains have a dining car with decent food! 😀

    I wish we had affordable sleeper trains here in Canada (they are soooo pricy here!)

    1. A couple of our day-time regional trains had great dining cars! But we didn’t board our overnight train until 11pm so it was right to bed for us lol

  4. We do love travelling by trains in Europe. But I must admit we don’t book sleeper cars for overnight travel. We generally hate to miss the scenery go by. But there are definitely some advantages. And when we can afford the time, we don’t mind taking a little longer by train.

  5. I’m a huge fan of travelling by overnight/sleeper trains! I find it can be less stressful than flying, plus it covers the cost of a nights accommodation! Great post!

  6. I know you’ve listed more cons but, to me, they don’t outweigh the pros of train travel. The experience on a train is so much more pleasurable, being able to move around more easily when in motion and wander to and from the restaurant/snack cars, for example, and being able to sleep horizontally. And the environmental benefits, too, are really important to consider. If the route is available, I’d choose trains over planes any day 🙂

  7. The ex Soviet Union sleeper trains are the best. Great network, inexpensive, never had such social travel. And they are clean and relatively safe, too.

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